2021 Report on SEO of Top TPIs

The five TPIs (third party intermediaries) that will be focussed on within this report are: Catalyst Commercial, British Business Energy, Love Energy Savings, Power Compare, and Utility Helpline. 


Analysis Points: 

  1. Traffic: 
Rank Ranked (AhRef) Visits Ranked (Semrush) Visits 
Power Compare 7797 Power Compare 54006 
Love Energy Savings 6924 Love Energy Savings 38802 
BBE 3526 BBE 7319 
Catalyst Commercial 398 Utility Helpline 1645 
Utility Helpline 296 Catalyst Commercial 1200 

When comparing the two values for website traffic between websites it is obvious that there is a huge difference between the two analytical tools. By ranking the websites against each other we can see that the order is the same (apart from the two bottom placed websites). Power Compare and Love Energy Savings are the two best performing in this area, with Power Compare ranking the highest.  

We can see that there are clearly a best performing duo (Power Compare, Love Energy Savings) and a worst performing duo (Utility Helpline, Catalyst Commercial), with British Business Energy falling right in the middle. 

  1. Domain Rating:  
URL Domain Rating 
loveenergysavings.com 54 
powercompare.co.uk 53 
britishbusinessenergy.co.uk 36 
utilityhelpline.co.uk 31 
catalyst-commercial.co.uk 14 

The Domain Rating (DR) from Ahrefs shows the overall strength of the target website’s backlink profile. The scale is logarithmic and starts at 0 (being the weakest) and ends at 100 (being the strongest). This value is used to estimate the relative link popularity for the website at hand, which correlates with the websites ability to attract search traffic. 

It is interesting to see this correlation within our results. Love Energy Savings and Power Compare are by far and away the strongest here, with only a difference of 1 between them (Love Energy Savings coming out on top). British Business Energy fall into the middle of the pack again, their Domain Rating being 17 lower than the rank above. Utility Helpline (DR 31) find themselves being closer to mid-table than to Catalyst Commercial (DR 14) at the bottom of the rankings. 

  1. Ahrefs Rating 
URL Ahrefs Rank Ranking Difference 
loveenergysavings.com 455271 
powercompare.co.uk 493529 -38258 
britishbusinessenergy.co.uk 2060657 -1567128 
utilityhelpline.co.uk 3516532 -1455875 
catalyst-commercial.co.uk 13875440 -10358908 

Ahrefs ranking sorts all of the websites in the world by the strength of their backlink profiles. The pattern we have observed in the previous two sections are replicated here. Catalyst Commercial are over 10,000,000 rankings below Utility Helpline – this value is well over six times the next largest differential.  

*Website ranking is more volatile towards the lower end of the scale. 

  1. Linked Domains 
URL Linked Domains 
powercompare.co.uk 318 
britishbusinessenergy.co.uk 283 
loveenergysavings.com 190 
catalyst-commercial.co.uk 22 
utilityhelpline.co.uk 20 

Linked domains are domains that the website in question has links to. By linking another website to your own is a form of outreach, and is a sign of good search engine marketing. 

Power Compare, British Business Energy, and Love Energy Savings constitute the top 3 with linked domains ranging from 318 (Power Compare) to 190 (British Business Energy). It is important to get an idea of the ‘standard’ number of linked domains to then see who falls below this range. Both Catalyst Commercial and Utility Helpline fall well below even close to this range – with offerings of 22 and 20 linked domains respectively.  

These two sites comparatively score so much lower than the others in this metric.  

  1. Total Backlinks 
Ranked URL (Ahref) Total Backlinks (Ahref) Ranked URL (Semrush) Total Backlinks (Semrush) 
catalyst-commercial.co.uk 21618 powercompare.co.uk 11116 
powercompare.co.uk 7373 loveenergysavings.com 8088 
loveenergysavings.com 6954 catalyst-commercial.co.uk 5194 
britishbusinessenergy.co.uk 1140 britishbusinessenergy.co.uk 3089 
utilityhelpline.co.uk 854 utilityhelpline.co.uk 668 

Backlinks are links from other websites to our website that we are analysing. For example, Catalyst Commercial has 21,618 links to their website published on different websites.  

There is clearly some variance between the data obtained from Ahref and Semrush, most noticeably for Catalyst Commercial. Ahref places them far ahead of the competition, showing that they are backlinked more than the others combined. Comparatively, Semrush places them in third with only 5,194 backlinks.