Dominic – Why We’re Awesome

My greatest achievement (so far) is my current football career and the trophies I’ve won along the way. It’s a common stereotype that footballers don’t offer much apart from the sport, however, I take pride in having ambitions off the field too. I doubt there are many footballers currently pairing marketing with their profession! 

Having been a professional footballer since 2016, I have played football on 2 continents and lived in 5 different countries along the way.  

In terms of achievements, my personal favourite was winning the league in Finland in my first stint abroad in Europe. We won the league losing only one game and reached the Finnish Cup Final. Contributing over 20 goals was a personal highlight, but as a team to only lose one game was incredible. I still remember setting foot in a country that was unknown to me, in -26° snowy weather and wondering how the year ahead was going to pan out. 

Since my time in Finland, I have ventured across Europe, both in Norway and most recently Sweden, winning the league there also.  

These experiences have developed me as a person, learning about new cultures and being quite far outside my comfort zone. I am very excited for my next adventure and look forward to using the skills I’ve learnt so far in my upcoming challenge. 

Feel free to check out my highlights! 

Dominic McGiveron | Goals & Assists 2021