Rhiannon – Why We’re Awesome

It is difficult to think about one specific thing I am proud of, but ending 2020 by graduating with a 2:1 in BA (Hons) in Multimedia Journalism is by far one of my greatest achievements lately. 

Rhiannon - Why we're awesome

I worked alongside my studies to pay my way through University, and whether this is because of 5 years in my studies, or that not being “a student” still feels new to me, fighting through a number of nationwide lockdowns due to COVID-19 and moving into my second ever home, I found a lot of excitement in being able to see my work printed in a magazine for the first time, or take the opportunity to allow work like infographics and photography to be printed in newspapers.

Uni gave me the opportunity to publish work outside of online content and move into something physical, as well as working on other types of online media that I knew I was passionate about at the time. I found myself in networking opportunities that I never imagined, with the likes of The Royal Television Society and ITV, I even had the opportunity to work with Gok Wan at The Television Awards in 2017.

Despite the grumbles of others around Edinburgh, I have no shame in my previous student status, and I hope that I can continue to educate myself in my field and outside of it forever, which is why I am passionate about continuing my education in a number of ways, whether or not traditional education is a part of that.