Banking Recruitment Marketing 

Jobs in the sectors of banking and fintech are very sought after. As these fields are developing at a very high pace, employees can enjoy high salaries and multiple job benefits. The jobs in these sectors, however, require skilled candidates with good technical knowledge. For that reason, many companies turn to recruitment marketers who can help them acquire the most talented applicants for their job ads.  

What does recruitment marketing do? 

Recruitment marketing uses various tools such as: 

  • Social media advertising 
  • Social media management 
  • SEO strategies 
  • AI 
  • Messaging and emailing 
  • Website creators. 

Thanks to these tools recruitment marketing helps companies build their brand and present an attractive profile to potential employees. The goal of recruitment marketing is to show people why working for a certain company is a great opportunity. Thanks to recruitment marketing firms receive a higher number of job applications from talented individuals. 

Common strategies used by recruitment marketing 

Recruitment marketing can tailor the strategy to the needs of each individual client. Each company is different and has different requirements when it comes to potential employees so it is impossible to choose one that will be successful in all cases. Nevertheless, some strategies commonly used by recruitment marketing include: 

Strategy Description 
Building presence on social media Nowadays social media are very important and companies should develop their profiles and engage with their followers. Through being active on social media they can reach out to potential job candidates. Moreover, when people are looking for jobs they are likely to look the companies up and have a look at their social media accounts.  
Developing the company’s website Recruitment marketing stresses the importance of companies having presentable, user-friendly websites. A website is the first thing people looking for jobs will see, and based on it they can form their opinion about the employer.  
Developing a career page It is always useful to have a designated career page on the company’s website. There, candidates should be able to find all the information about the position, duties of successful candidates and requirements for it.  

Dartmouth Partners case study 

Dartmouth Partners is a prestigious, award-winning recruitment consultancy. They specialise in recruiting highly skilled candidates for jobs that match their competences. They have helped more than 400 companies to find the most qualified employees. Their services are driven by several core values: 

  • Excellence – they are motivated to be better than any other recruitment firm and they can offer unbeatable expertise 
  • Partnership – they strive to build long-lasting relationships with companies and recruited talents 
  • Knowledge – they have a good understanding of the market and tools that can attract high number of talented applicants 
  • Diversity – they recognise that talented people can come from various backgrounds, and hence they try to promote diversity and inclusion 
  • Kindness – they approach and treat everyone in a polite manner. 

Dartmouth has a well-design website that is easy to navigate. Users can find numerous sections on top of the page, for example, ‘Candidates’, ‘Clients’, ‘About Us’, ‘Contact’, which makes it straightforward for everyone to find what they’re looking for.  

Each section contains useful information relevant to what people visiting it might need. For example, in the ‘Candidates’ page, individuals can browse available positions advertised by Dartmouth’s clients. Moreover, Dartmouth explains how the whole process of finding employment with them looks like. There are numerous steps that candidates will need to go through before securing a job.  

  1. Connect with Dartmouth and send them their job application. 
  1. Meet the consultants and explain to them their goals so the specialists can verify whether they are a good fit for the advertised jobs.  
  1. Undergo several tests. 
  1. Have their CV reviewed by a client. 
  1. Attend an interview. 
  1. Receive a job offer. 

Dartmouth’s website features numerous reviews left by customers who used the company’s services. That is a great thing to showcase as it shows future clients that the firm is trustworthy.  

Dartmouth also has an extensive ‘About us’ section, which each recruitment firm should pay a lot of attention to. It is very important to get the company’s message across. That’s something that recruitment marketing helps companies with. Potential candidates have to know what the company’s values and goals are. Dartmouth does a great job at explaining all that. From their ‘About us’ section the visitors of the website can not only read about what the firm does but also about what makes it unique. They can also read about individual members of Dartmouth’s team, which helps build a relationship with potential clients and shows how qualified everyone on the team is.  

Each job opening advertised by Dartmouth has specific information divided into numerous sections, for example

  • What do I need to apply? 
  • What will I get? 
  • Why should I work at Dartmouth Partners? 

These things characterise a perfect job app that is likely to attract a high number of applications. The description of the role is clear, the ad is easy to read and covers all the information the candidates might be looking for. In addition to that, including all these elements is great for the SEO so can increase traffic to the website. 

Dartmouth also outlines, which sectors they specialise in, making it easy for clients to decide whether or not to reach out to them and use their services. The areas they are experts in are: 

  1. Advisory 
  1. Alternative Investment 
  1. Consulting 
  1. Change and Transformation 
  1. Corporate Banking and Financing 
  1. CFO 
  1. Graduates 
  1. HR 
  1. Legal 
  1. Strategy and Corporate Development 
  1. Asset and Wealth Management 

They work across a diverse range of sectors, which allows them to form partnerships with numerous companies and attract a high number of jobseekers.  

Dartmouth recognises the importance of social media in interacting with clients and talents. They are active on Linkedin, where they have more than 22,000 followers. There they advertise job openings and interact with individuals looking for jobs.  

Their website also includes information on how to contact them. It’s very important that this information is easy to find.  

Clients and individuals looking for employment can find them at: Dartmouth Partners, 12 Appold Street, London EC2A 2AW, call them at +44 (0)20 3696 0700, or send them an email at:  

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