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Ig-Nobel Prize Winners 2021 – Kinetics

Following on from our previous article covering ‘The Wasted Chewing Gum Bacteriome’, we will be steering away from Ecological-based science and moving towards an entirely different field.   The key word being ‘moving’…  That’s right – you guessed it. This week, we will be looking at Kinetics.   More importantly, Ig-Nobel Prize Winning Kinetics.   A Quick Reminder – …

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Social Media News

Find out the biggest changes in the top social media sites to stay ahead and make the most of your posts with Niccolo Marketing.

How To Look After Your Mental Health

Inspired by the Nudgestock 2021 event, we have collected the four most important steps to keeping on top of your mental wellbeing and produced a pleasing infographic. Save and keep it close to hand and remember to take good care of yourself.

Nudgestock Review

John Cleese: How To Be Creative Albert Einstein once said about research: ‘If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?’. John Cleese mentions this during his speech at Nudgestock 2021 and it sat with me for a while. It made so much sense to me and …

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Is Influencer Marketing BS?

Is Influencer Marketing BS? This was a question posed by Ian Randolph & Luca Tornese at thisyears annual Nudgestock festival, an online seminar with presentations from many of the worldsboldest thinkers, covering a range of topics from vaccines and COVID to marketing and mentalhealth, all with the underlying message of Creativity and Behavioural Science. While …

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BS Quotes from Nudgestock

Not everything said at Nudgestock has the same impact on the audience, and some quotes we have chosen seem to be straight-up nonsense. Take a look at our infographics for the worse offenders, which might be appropriate on a keychain or cheesy home welcome mat.