BS Quotes from Nudgestock

Not everything said at Nudgestock has the same impact on the audience, and some quotes we have chosen seem to be straight-up nonsense. Take a look at our infographics for the worse offenders, which might be appropriate on a keychain or cheesy home welcome mat.

Nudgestock 2021 Highlights

The highlights of the Nudgestock 2021 Conference, as chosen by Niccolo Marketing. These powerful quotes, presented by Shahzeen Attari, and Pete Dyson, resonated most with us to define the event. Find out more about Nudgestock 2021 on our site as we review the entire event

Cursed Foods

We all have our individual quirks and things that make us unique. These should be cherished as they make us who we are. These can take form in our vocabulary, habits, actions, and even our diets. One of my quirks is dipping my McDonald’s chips into my strawberry milkshake, but I feel this is actually …

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