How To Look After Your Mental Health

Inspired by the Nudgestock 2021 event, we have collected the four most important steps to keeping on top of your mental wellbeing and produced a pleasing infographic. Save and keep it close to hand and remember to take good care of yourself.

Performance Marketing

The main goal of advertising and digital marketing is to increase traffic to the website and encourage people to purchase a certain product or use certain services. Performance Marketing, which is becoming more and more popular, helps companies achieve this goal, but it does it in a more innovative way than traditional advertising. In simple …

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Scottish charities you should know

There are many Scottish charities that help the most vulnerable communities. In fact, 11.8% of all UK charitable donations come from Scotland. Charities help in many different ways, but what they all have in common is that they bring together people who care about the same social cause. Below you can find an overview of a few Scottish charities that are worth knowing.   Hearts and Minds   Hearts and Minds is a charity that uses the art of therapeutic clowning to bring a smile to the lives of children and elderly in need. They work with paediatric healthcare units, care homes, and special-needs schools. Their goal is to help people deal with a difficult life in hospitals, or hospices. They also support those living with dementia. Their slogan is ‘Improving lives one smile at a time’.   Pancreatic Cancer Scotland Action  The charity aims to improve pancreatic cancer survival rates by ensuring that patients get diagnosed in time for the surgery. They say that if everyone was diagnosed early, everyone would get a chance to survive pancreatic cancer. They also improve the lives of those living with the disease and raise awareness of pancreatic cancer and its symptoms.   Sacro  Sacro wants to make Scotland a more secure place by offering conflict resolution services and reduce reoffending rates. They work with victims, as well as perpetrators of crimes. They challenge those who engage in violence, empower them, and promote the idea that everyone deserves respect. Sacro has been working in the field for over 40 years and is a Scotland-wide organisation.   Smart Works  Smart Works provide women with free clothes and job interview training to support them in the job search. The charity has a team of volunteer stylists who create professional outfits for women. After the job interview, women can keep all the clothes and accessories. Women are also given access to coaching sessions, during which they learn about their personal strengths, and find out what the interview process looks like. Smart Works make women feel more confident during their interview …

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