D&AD Overview

When it came to preparing our final submission for D&AD, we chose to work together as a wider group to focus on one brief, rather than scattering ideas across multiple avenues. We did feel as though the wide variety of briefs gave the opportunity for creatives to brainstorm from the get go, and originally all

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How We Research

Here at Niccolo Marketing, we work in a variety of different sectors from energy to recruitment to news, and when creating content in these areas, it is crucial to us that research is done thoroughly. A common challenge for bloggers, independent authors, copywriters, and other content producers is writing a quality post under a short

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Highlights & Review

This year’s Nudgestock conference took place on the 10th June. The annual festival featured over 24 talks covering a range of thought-provoking themes from a variety of speakers. This year, each talk was colored red, blue, or a light green colour, with red indicating that the talk’s foundation was about ‘trust’ in a time of

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Ten Years of Nudgestock

For the 10th year in a row, Nudgestock returned to attract an audience of marketers and those interested in the wide range of speakers. The world’s biggest behavioural science festival streamed live for 10-hours straight on June 10th of this year. The event was organised by Ogilvy UK and hosted by the omnipresent Rory Sutherland.

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Placebo Effect

The pain of having to make decisions. A painkiller that targets the areas of the brain that is used to make stressful decisions. Making decisions is something I try to avoid. Whether it is choosing an item on a menu, the type of coffee to order at a coffee shop or the Christmas presents to

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