Comparison Site Marketing without Opera Singers

Price comparison websites are becoming more popular each year. Consumers are constantly trying to save money and comparison sites give you the best prices across the web.

With more comparison sites being launched annually, how do they market themselves to beat the competition? What marketing methods are comparison sites using and which platforms are successful? This article will give you all you need to know.


Selectra is labelled as Europe’s biggest comparison site, with the majority of its website traffic coming from the UK, a large 91.02%. Over the last 6 months, Selectra has received 181.20k total visits to its website, down 16.22%. This could be due to their lack of marketing, such as no TV advertising that could be found.

From our findings, an app could be beneficial to provide more traffic to Selectra, as many people are checking their mobiles daily for price comparisons.

Social MediaLinkFollowersPosting FrequencyContent Engagement
Facebook times a week.  No posts since December.<3 likes pp, <1 comment.
Twitter times a week.  No posts since December.<1 likes pp, <1 comment.
Instagram posts since May 2020. Usually, 2 times a week.>10 likes pp, <1 comment.
LinkedIn sporadic and no posts since January 2021.>50 likes pp, <1 comment.
YouTube posts for 9 months, typically 4/5 times each year.3-5 likes pp, <1 comment.

All statistics as of 2021.

As you can see from the table, Selectra’s social media strategy is pretty poor. 0% of Selectra’s traffic is from social media, with 92.75% coming from searches.

After December 2020, most social media platforms have seen no posts. Alongside the lack of posting, the content engagement is extremely low, especially considering their Facebook and LinkedIn have 50k and 22k followers respectively.

Selectra could benefit from a social media strategy from Niccolo Marketing, which would drive more traffic to their website. A solid posting schedule, along with engaging content that outlines savings that customers could make, would be a great way to improve their marketing.


Papernest has ventured into some advertisement, with this video on YouTube. However, with only 68 views and no other content available online, there is a lot of work to be done. Their website received 144.93k visits over the last 6 months, down 2.49% from the previous report. With more people looking for comparison sites, this decrease could be alarming.

Social MediaLinkFollowersPosting FrequencyContent Engagement
Facebook posts per month, but no posts since November 2020.10-20 likes pp, <6 comments.
Twitter times per day.<20 likes pp, <1 comment.
Instagram posts per month.>10 likes pp, <5 comments.
LinkedIn posts per month.>90 likes pp, >1 comment.
YouTube posts per year.>5 likes pp, <1 comment.

All statistics as of 2021.

In comparison to Selectra, Papernest’s social media following is a lot lower. They seem to have a plan for Twitter, posting regularly with a solid content engagement score. Their Facebook was performing at an average level, but since November 2020, they have shown no commitment to their following.

Papernest is another company that could use a severe social media overhaul, something Niccolo Marketing could help with. With the majority of their traffic based in France, we would use the trends currently active in France, then develop a strategy that would boost their online presence.


In the UK, CompareTheMarket has become a household name, thanks to its catchy TV advertisement. They currently rank as the 202nd most visited website in the UK, ranked 1st out of insurance websites. They have been one of the best comparison sites for TV and radio advertisement over the years, which has led to a solid social media following.

With 7.59 million visits over the last 6 months, a decrease of 7.98%, this could show a shift in how comparison sites should market themselves. Having an online, social media presence is proving to be more important than traditional marketing.

Social MediaLinkFollowersPosting FrequencyContent Engagement
Facebook twice per week.>5 likes pp, >2 comments pp.
Twitter twice per week.<3 likes pp, <5 comments pp.
Instagram posts at all.n/a
LinkedIn posts total.50 likes pp.
YouTube>10 times per year.<5 likes pp, <1 comment.

All statistics as of 2021.

Based on their social media statistics, we believe that CompareTheMarket could still improve. Their Instagram platform requires large improvements. With ‘Reels’ and ‘Stories’ becoming more popular for short, concise information, CompareTheMarket could capitalise on this hidden gem for boosting traffic. Quick content showing how much money people can save would be ideal.

Meanwhile, CompareTheMarket’s Twitter and Facebook should be looking to improve their engagement levels. Their content at the moment is a bit stale and they could benefit from current trends. Niccolo Marketing could boost their Twitter and Facebook engagement through our social media specialists and content creators, who are ahead of the curve, following live social media trends.


GoCompare is similar to CompareTheMarket in its traditional marketing dominance. The opera singing GoCompare TV adverts have been stuck in the ears of many UK nationals over the last decade. GoCompare has also seen a significant decrease in online traffic over the last 6 months, down by 8.35%. Another sign that social media is becoming the new wave of marketing.

Social MediaLinkFollowersPosting FrequencyContent Engagement
Facebook posts per month.>3 likes pp, <1 comment pp.
Twitter posts per month.>1 like pp, <10 comments pp.
Instagram posts per month.Videos get around 100 views pp.
LinkedIn>10 times per month, but nothing in January 2021.>15 likes pp, <5 comments pp.
YouTube>30 posts per year.A variety, >60 on most videos.
TikTokgo.compare12.1kPosted consistently in December 2020, now every 2-3 days.Very inconsistent – 100/200 – 20k.

All statistics as of 2021.

Unlike the other companies listed, GoCompare has utilised the latest trend of TikTok and have received some good engagement. Other companies should follow this endeavour. Niccolo Marketing has TikTok masters that can extend their following and create a consistent engagement plan.

However, their other social media platforms have been neglected. With great following numbers, their content engagement is severely poor, as well as their posting frequency. With posts going live almost once a month, they are certain to fail.

How Can Niccolo Marketing Help Comparison Sites With Marketing?

Here at Niccolo Marketing, we would take a deep dive into your current social media and marketing campaigns. Then, from the statistics we gather, we would create a personalised plan of action to provide your company with a strategy to compete with other platforms.

Our team of specialists, with experience in the industry, would locate current trends, then create content that would boost your online presence. Engagement is key, so having content that gets your target audience to get involved will create a friendly, approachable look for your company.

Many companies have a lacklustre approach to marketing, but they don’t realise the power that content marketing has. Over 100 million people use Facebook Watch daily, but yet none of these comparison sites utilises it. In 2019, over 199 million posts were created on Reddit, and the average UK resident spends 41 minutes per day on TikTok.