Energy Supplier Marketing

British Gas

British Gas run a blog which you can find here. They produce great content, filled with informative resources to showcase their expertise and knowledge of the industry. The content is broken down into 6 sub-categories, each containing an abundance of information.

Stock images are used in the headers and most articles contain ‘related links’ and ‘related blog-posts’ to encourage viewers to continue looking at other pages. If there was anything to add to these posts, it would be an increase in infographics, as there seems to be a lack of any that could be found.

Social Media

British Gas post a few times a week to their Twitter page, usually containing a quick video or photo which is a great method of marketing. Plenty of emojis are used, along with short, concise information that is easy to follow and engage with.

Their Facebook page follows suit with similar content to their Twitter. However, the engagement is a lot higher on this platform, maybe due to the larger follower count. British Gas’s Instagram account has the least following out of their social media platforms. They have only recently started posting, again with the same content posted on Twitter and Facebook.

Social MediaFollower Count
YouTubeN/A (14,592,321 total views)

TV Advertising

One of their recent advertisements ‘Here to solve’ is a video showing common household problems, such as running out of milk and spilling water whilst washing dishes. The narrator states ‘we can’t solve that’ to these problems, but when it comes to heating, they can solve that. It is a funny twist on everyday problems that many of us face and the advert would be relatable to a lot of people.

Here is the link to that advert.


E.ON use the same colour scheme for the majority of their marketing, making the brand more familiar and recognisable. The red colouring will ensure people think of E.ON over other competitors.

Social Media

The majority of E.ON’s comment engagement on Facebook is from customers as a way of communicating with the company regarding problems and complaints. These comments also include customers interacting with others facing similar problems, making the issue worse for the company.

Their Instagram engagement is good, with the use of infographics and videos, customers are more likely to view these, especially with videos replaying. Videos are an easy way to boost traffic to your website and E.ON seen to be utilising this.

Twitter is a similar story, with the bulk of their engagement coming from customers complaining and E.ON responding. This can be good, with customers seeing that issues can be fixed and resolved.

E.ON ran a YouTube series on their channel called ‘change makers’. The four episodes each received over 1 million views which can be labelled as a huge success.

Social MediaFollower Count

TV Advertising

From our research, the last TV advert that we could see was from 2018. EO.N may be looking to focus their attention on social media marketing over traditional marketing. They post frequently to YouTube, where many companies are looking to market themselves.


SSE are another company that utilises colour schemes with their marketing. Greens and blues are used in the majority of their marketing, along with a similar theme for posts. Regular posts include images in the same style, along with house fonts.

Social Media

SSE have numerous different accounts for Twitter, all for different areas of the business. There is @YourSSE, @SSE, @SSECommunity along with others. Having SSE in the username is vital to create that brand recognition and making it easy to find what you’re looking for.

They seem to post often on Facebook, but their engagement is usually people complaining, with other customers joining in. Posting links to website pages with a place for questions to be answered is a good place to start to avoid the barrage of negative comments.

Social MediaFollower Count
Instagram(SSE Hydro) 26.5k

TV Advertising

SSE Airtricity has an advert titled ‘This is generation green’. The actors in the advert are mainly wearing green, with plenty of props using that colour too. This links with their branding, along with the emphasis of the advert, which is ‘generation green’. It shows people using household energy appliances and aims to have the user think about where the energy comes from. Take a look at the advert here.

RWE npower

RWE npower is similar to EDF Energy with the colour scheme marketing. There is a usual purple and blue theme to the majority of their content, creating trust and familiarity to the company.

Social Media

RWE npower has unusual marking methods on their Facebook page. In comparison to the other energy firms, who usually post content about the energy industry, RWE npower tends to post food and drink-related content, with images of cups of tea and videos such as ‘the perfect way to cook an egg’. Are they possibly leaning towards their northern market?

Some other points that could be addressed are that their social media pages were difficult to find compared to others, with URLs often changing between platforms. Along with this, they share usernames with other companies too. It would be suggested to use the same URL, to create ease of use and a professional look to the marketing.

A YouTube series back in 2018 with Olympians boosted their engagement levels. The UK tends to rally when the Olympics comes around, so it may be wise to consider teaming up again for the upcoming event.

RWE npower’s Twitter page is mainly as a customer service tool for customers to get in touch, rather than as a marketing platform. Most of their tweets and replies were dealing with complaints and issues from customers. It would be advised to look into other methods to deal with these complaints, leaving Twitter as a marketing tool.

Social MediaFollower Count

TV Advertising

Another energy supplier that has drifted away from TV advertisement. Formerly just npower, you may remember advertisements including the famous ‘Wallace and Gromit’ from the popular tv-series and movie franchise. However, their last known advert was from 2016. Here is the link to that video.

EDF Energy

EDF Energy uses a lot of orange in its marketing. This includes in their videos and photos, using orange props and people wearing orange clothes etc. Using this method creates cohesive marketing with the orange in their logo.

Social Media

Their username across all platforms was the same, making it a lot easier to find their social media, along with creating a consistent brand. This also included their bios and profile images. Content is also the same across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with content usually recycled. They could look to use in-house platforms such as ‘stories’ on Instagram to try and vary their content.

EDF Energy also utilises other platforms, such as Pinterest. However, their content is strangely just lots of photos of dogs. Maybe something they should look into. Facebook and Twitter content engagement is typically dealing with complaints and questions from customers.

Social MediaFollower Count

TV Advertising

A recent EDF Energy advert titled ‘Busy doing nothing’ had a very catchy theme, but mainly showcased their carbon efficient project. The aim will be to show customers they’re looking to have a positive impact on the environment, along with the catchy theme sticking in the memory. You can watch it here.

Scottish Power

Scottish Power has a blog that can be found by this link. Their blog is poor, with the majority of posts using stock images and appear to be community-driven more than anything else. The main page has posts from 3 years ago, with average views reaching 3000.

Social Media

Scottish Power doesn’t officially advertise their Instagram page on their main website. Average likes on their Instagram posts are between 20-40. They could market themselves well on Instagram, using ‘reels’ and ‘stories’, however, for now, it looks like they’re avoiding this.

They tweet pretty often, on average there is a post a day. Their tweets are usually promoting a local event, or engaging with others. Usually, posts will include a video or image, making their page a lot more user friendly.

Scottish Power’s Facebook social media strategy isn’t consistent, with a lack in post frequency. Their last post was December 2020. They could utilise Facebook to work with communities and bring more traffic to their website.

Social MediaFollower Count

TV Advertising

‘Join the winds of change’ is a recent advert from Scottish Power. It shows a young girl running on a beach with an umbrella (note that she is wearing a yellow jacket, holding a green umbrella, the colours of Scottish Power) and then taking off up into the air from the wind. This is a memorable advert, but also states Scottish Power’s claim of being 100% green efficient with wind energy. Enjoy the video here.

Comparing Social Media Marketing For Energy Companies

British GasE.ONSSERWE npowerEDF EnergyScottish Power
FacebookGood.Fair.Fair.Fair.Fair.Very poor.
InstagramPoor (only new).Good.Poor.Poor.Fair.Needs improving.
What Needs Improving.Instagram needs updating.Customer issues expressed via social media.Instagram needs updating.Ease of use needs improving.Pinterest needs addressing.Instagram needs updating.
What They Do Well.Video and photo tweets.Successful YouTube series.Consistent usernames.Alternate Facebook strategy.Trying other platforms.Frequent tweeting.

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