How We Research Energy Companies At Niccolo Marketing

At Niccolo Marketing, we create content on a variety of topics. Recently, we have been researching energy companies and creating articles all about them. We strive to give both customers and suppliers the confidence that we provide the best content on the market. 

How Do We Research?

Niccolo Marketing provides the most thorough and up to date information for our topics. For energy companies, we take the approach of finding all the relevant information available. This includes a deep search on the internet for anything we deem useful, speak with energy companies for more information and through our vast range of contacts, we can gather any missing details, never missing out on valuable data.

What Do We Research?

But what exactly do we research when it comes to energy companies? Here is a preview of some topics we delve into:

Energy company history – Diving into the early years when the company was founded and how it has evolved since. We locate historic company events and how they have shaped them to become who they are today.

How the energy company looks today – We look into what the energy company is currently doing and ways they separate themselves from competitors on the market.

What is their map of business – Through infographics and statistics, we talk about where the energy company is operating, whether that is here in the UK or offshore. 

Fuel mixes and carbon emissions – Energy companies have a unique fuel mix for their supply and lots of customers find this information valuable when reading about their supplier. We all want to see energy companies taking action against global warming, so these statistics are crucial.

Board of directors and notable staff – We believe that each employee plays a huge role at every level, but knowing who are the directors and notable staff is useful knowledge.

Websites and contact information – Sometimes, contact information can be hard to find, so we gather all the available resources in one place, such as social media profiles and contact numbers, making it easy to contact companies.

Key financial data – Sourcing financial data gives an overview of how the company is performing, giving customers informed details.

Recent news – Based on recent news stories and media events, we see what the energy company has been doing in current times, giving you an up to date look at where they stand in the market of today.

With all this information, we create an easy-to-follow article, giving a thorough guide to energy companies. We have received fantastic feedback so far and aim to continue meeting our high standards.