IT Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing serves to make working for you look attractive in the eyes of potential future employees. Thanks to the tools that recruitment marketing uses, you can be sure to attract the most talented people and the most suitable candidates for the jobs that you offer. Moreover, recruitment marketing helps you build and develop your brand so that even people who were not looking for a job will think that maybe they should consider applying to work for you. Thanks to recruitment marketing, you will see a high number of applications and you will expand the ways in which you interact with job seekers. 

Stages of recruitment marketing 

As Builtin explains, there are four stages of recruitment marketing: 

awareness → interest → decision → action 

First, you need to let people know that your company exists. That includes sharing content that even those who are not currently looking for jobs might be interested in watching or reading. 

Once you have them interested in the general content you post, you should start sharing content closely related to your brand to generate their interest in your company. 

Then, you should provide potential job candidates with more information about why they should consider working for you. Here, you should promote available positions, salary, job benefits you offer etc.  

Finally, you should eliminate obstacles that can possibly be preventing people from actually applying to the jobs you advertise. That includes making sure your job ads are convincing and the application process is straightforward.  

How to stand out as an IT recruitment company 

There are multiple recruitment marketing tactics that can be applied by IT recruitment companies. They all involve focusing on the content and interacting with potential employees. The main strategies are: 

  1. Content marketing 

Creating and sharing content is crucial to developing your brand and showing people what your company has to offer. Through content, you can share your business’s values and missions and make people think that it would be amazing if they got the chance to work for you. In addition to that, through content, you can spark interest in your company and persuade many candidates to apply for the job openings you offer.  

What is meant by content?  

That can be anything, from videos that explain what your company does to articles that can be of interest to people who are looking for a job in the industry you specialise in. You can create your own content or you can hire experts who will do it for you and tailor the things you publish to the audience.  

  1. Outreach 

Reaching out to potential job candidates is very important, but you should do it in a way that does not spam their mailboxes. You should run an email marketing campaign that will grab people’s attention and encourage them to visit your website and find out more about who you are and what you do.  

  1. Job adverts 

Writing good job adverts should not be overlooked. When people look for jobs, they will have to scroll through hundreds of job ads each day. It is unlikely that they will apply to all of them, so your job ad should convince them to pick our company. There are several reasons why so many job ads fail

  • The job description does not provide detailed information on what the job is.  
  • The ad is too long or too short. 
  • The ad does not include any keywords that the candidates are likely to type in a search engine. 
  • The expectations regarding candidates’ experience and skills are too high. 
  • The ad does not include a specific job title. 
  • The ad does not explain what the company does. 

If you want people to apply to your job opening, make sure to avoid these things.  

  1. Social media presence 

In the 21st century, social media are extremely important when it comes to finding job candidates. As a company, you should pay a lot of attention to how your social media profiles look like and what content you share there. You should also use social media to engage with people who follow you as these might be the potential employees you’re looking for. Nowadays, when people come across a job ad they find interesting, they are likely to look the company up online. Hence, it is very important that you build your social media presence and try to increase your following.  

  1. Reviews 

Reviews from current and former employees can be very helpful in recruiting new people as they can show that the company is trustworthy and that working for it is enjoyable and rewarding. That’s why you should encourage your current staff to write some reviews. You might wonder, however, what to do if someone leaves a negative review. If that’s the case, do not ignore it. Reply, explain the issue and apologise so that the future job candidates see that you care about how you can improve your performance. You shouldn’t feel bad if you get a bad review as nobody is perfect, but you should do everything you can to avoid that happening in the future.  

Tips to get industry recognition 

If you want to get more job applicants, the most imporant thing you have to do is ask yourself ‘Why should they choose your company and not your competition?’ There are a few things that can convince them that working for you is a great option. A few ideas include: 

unique services You should try to convince potential job applicants that your company’s mission is unique. 
good values You should show people that your company cares about its employees and values things like honesty, trust and teamwork. 
great job benefits If your job ad says that your firm offers a competitive salary, make sure that the wages actually are better than those of your competition.   You can also offer a number of additional job benefits that not many other companies in the area offer. 
possibility for growth Show your customers that over time they will be able to progress in their careers.  You can also offer them training possibilities.