Recruitment Marketing – not for the faint hearted

In recent years recruitment marketing has been becoming a very popular trend. It can help you find qualified candidates. Thanks to recruitment marketing you can also retain these individuals and quickly see how your company grows thanks to their expertise.

What is recruitment marketing?

Recruitment marketing refers to using marketing strategies to attract potential employees. Thanks to the practices used in recruitment marketing, employers can show employees why it is worth working for them.

When people look for jobs they search for opportunities online, scroll social media, and read reviews former employees left about the company. This way they become aware of various employers and their offers. What they see online, can affect their decision whether or not to apply for a certain job.

Recruitment marketing uses a set of skills and practices that include:

  • branding
  • messaging
  • social media development and management
  • SEO
  • emailing
  • AI.

Thanks to recruitment marketing the company can present a friendly, professional, and attractive image that will show potential employees that it’s a great place to work. Recruitment marketing will help you build a brand that will attract the best, most qualified candidates.

Strategies used by recruitment marketing

There are many ways to show candidates how amazing your company is. The most common practices used by Recruitment marketing include:

strategywhat does it involve
 Content marketingwebinars
videos about the company
Job postingsincluding SEO in job openings
posting job openings on various websites
making ads optimised for mobiles and tablets
Career sitemaking it look attractive and informative
optimising it for mobile devices
putting all job openings at your company in one place
Email nurturingpersonalised emails
checking response rates
engaging with messages
Social media managementbuilding a social media presence
interacting with candidates on social media
Referral programmeencouraging your current employees to promote your company
offering incentives for bringing new employees
Recruiting eventscareer fairs
networking events
Displays and adsadvertising your company
making people aware of who you are and what your mission is

Why recruitment marketing is better than regular recruiting

Recruitment marketing is a recent phenomenon. The key difference between it and traditional recruiting is that recruitment marketers do not directly fill in job openings. They help companies create a brand that will attract candidates, but the companies can review all the applications themselves and choose those who are most suitable for the role. Thanks to recruitment marketers companies get more applicants and can fill jobs faster and easier.

In traditional recruitment, one particular job is advertised on multiple platforms in hopes of finding someone who will be good at it. In recruitment marketing, on the other hand, an employer is making themselves known so that people find them prestigious and want to work for them specifically, rather than just looking for any job that will accept them.

In simple terms, the difference between traditional recruitment and recruitment marketing is:

Traditional recruitmentjob advertising
Recruitment marketingtalent attraction

What does a Recruitment Marketer do?

The position of Recruitment Marketer is constantly evolving. The responsibilities they might have also vary depending on the type of the company and its needs. Nevertheless, most Recruitment Marketers are responsible for:

  1. Developing the company’s brand.
  2. Managing employer’s career website.
  3. Engaging with potential employees.
  4. Building brand awareness.
  5. Maintaining a good image and reputation of the company.
  6. Developing recruitment strategies.
  7. Attracting top talents.
  8. Organising recruitment events.
  9. Getting in touch and building partnerships with recruitment agencies.
  10. Deciding on advertising strategies.

The importance of good website

Your website is the first thing customers and potential employees see when they look up your company online. Recruitment marketers can help you design your website so that it looks professional and informative. They can also help you include SEO, which is extremely important and can help you increase traffic to your website.

A good website needs to be user-friendly so that people can quickly find the information they’re looking for. The website also has to explain exactly who you are and what your company does so that people and potential employees know you’re trustworthy.

Benefits of recruitment marketing

Hiring a recruitment marketer can be very beneficial for your business and can affect how well the company performs. The main reasons why more and more companies decide to use the help of recruitment marketers are:

  • Strong employer branding

Being able to convey what the mission of the company is is extremely important. In order to make people want to work for us, we need to let them know what we do and why we are good at it. Branding should be one of the most important investment policies of each business. Without good branding, our services will not look appealing to others.

  • Lower hiring costs

If you don’t have a clear idea about how to attract potential employees, you will waste a lot of money on ineffective advertising campaigns. Recruitment marketers are specialists in attracting talents. If you use their services, you can be sure that the strategies they implement will be successful.

  • High quality of candidates

Thanks to recruitment marketing, you will not have to actively look for employees. They will come to you because they will want to work for you specifically. They will see working for you as a great opportunity so they will put a lot of effort into their application and, if they are accepted, into their work. The goal of recruitment marketing is to attract the most qualified applicants.

  • Higher visibility of your company

Thanks to recruitment marketing, your presence online, particularly on social media will increase. Many employers overlook the importance of social media but engaging with potential employees there is the best way to get their attention. Your online presence can really affect how well your company performs. Recruitment marketing can help you reach as many people as possible and encourage them to engage with your content.

  • More job applications

Receiving more job applications is often considered to be the biggest benefit that comes from recruitment marketing. The message of your company will be shared on so many different platforms and will reach so many people that more candidates will apply when they see that you’re hiring. Even though not all of these candidates will be a good fit for the job, you will have a higher chance of finding someone who will be a good match.