SEO Successes of the 20 Top Recruiters

Report Comparing SEO Successes Across the 20 Top Performing Recruiters  

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and, in this report, we will be taking a more in-depth look  at the extent to which recruiters have been successfully achieving engagement via SEOs.  

There are a number of contributing factors which determine how well a company’s website will rank and utilise SEOs, and in this report we will break some of these areas down. After establishing definitions, the top 20 recruiters will be compared across the board. 

As ranked by AHREFS, the top 20 recruiters are as follows: 

  1. Odgers Berndtson
  2. Green Park 
  3. TRS Staffing
  4. Rullion
  5. The SR Group 
  6. Vector 
  7. PRS 
  8. Dartmouth Partners 
  9. Investigo 
  10. SSQ 
  11. Redsap Solutions 
  12. Sheffield Haworth 
  13. Levy 
  14. Trilogy International
  15. People Source 
  16. LA International 
  17. Marlin Green 
  18. CDSR
  19. Falcon Green 
  20. ERSG Global 


Traffic estimates ow much search traffic a website gets each month, it is calculated by: 

  1. finding all the keywords for which a website ranks in, 
  1. estimating much traffic each those keywords generates individually,  
  1. adding together those individual traffic numbers to generate total traffic. 

Whilst these metrics offer estimations, they can generally suggest the engagement each website is receiving. Below is a breakdown of the top 5 recruiters for total web traffic:  

Ranking Recruiter Traffic 
Rullion 4328 
TRS Staffing 3897 
Dartmouth Partners 3219 
Investigo 2885 
PRS 1806 

We will take a closer look at these figures.  

Rullion rank first for their total web traffic, coming in 4th in the AHREFS master list, why? Well, as aforementioned, total web traffic calculations is worked out by estimating traffic for the individual keywords which, when searched for, result in clicks for the website in question. An example of this would be how Niccolo Gas appears as a Google result when gas is searched for, or supplier, or Niccolo. So, Rullion actually has 5749 keywords. Compared to its traffic of 4328, this means Rullion doesn’t score very highly on most of their keywords, scoring zero traffic for many of them.  

Whereas, AHREF’s top place Odgers Berndtson only has a total traffic of 73, yet only has 55 total keyword appearances. This means that AHREF’s on average scores higher on individual keywords than Rullion does. This is an example of why traffic provides only a rough guide of the overall success of a website.  

Similar patterns can be found in TRS Staffing, appearing 2nd for overall traffic and 3rd in AHREF’s overall list. Scoring in at 3897 for overall traffic, TRS actually appears for 17,752 key words. This provides an even more extreme example of how a company may do well for clicks, but not have a very wide scope of engagement or interaction across their services.  

Dartmouth Partners performs really well for traffic/keyword ratio, scoring at 3219 which doubles their keyword appearances of 1560. This may mean all their 3000+ clicks are only coming from a handful of the key words associated with Dartmouth Partners, but generally they seem to be engaging on a more even level to their appearances.  

PRS scores just more traffic than their keyword appearances, and Investigo about 2/3 less. So, although these companies all generally get the most engagement, a lot of them are overlooked in instances where they’re appearing for searches, but not being clicked on (in Investigo’s scenario, 2/3 of the time Investigo appears on Google search, they are not being clicked on). Thus proving that traffic can show generally how well a website performs, but the contextual information must also be understood.  

Overall out of the top 20 list, Dartmouth Partners actually have the highest rate of traffic vs their keywords, followed very shortly after by LA International (who also nearly double their keyword traffic, despite ranking 16th overall).  

Domain Rating 

The domain rating of a website (DR) shows the strength of a website’s backlink profile. This is given on a logarithmic scale from 0 to 100 (the higher the number, the better the performance).  

Backlink means when one website links to another website.  

Domain Rating, then, effectively means the link popularity of a website. To what extent is a website able to get search traffic from Google, and do they gain further ‘back’ links from other websites by being linked on their page.  

As Domain Rating correlates more exactly with website success and engagement, the highest scoring overall websites are the same as the highest scoring websites for Domain Ratings: 

Ranking Recruiter DR 
Odgers Berndtson 68 
Green Park 56 
TRS Staffing 40 
Rullion / The SR Group 39 
Vector / PRS 37 

As we can see, websites with a higher link popularity are the websites which ultimately rank the highest on AHREFs. Similarly, ERSG Global (number 20) have the lowest DR overall of 4.9. The difference is very drastic and clearly demonstrates the success rates of the recruiter websites.  

The most effective way to build your DR is to create effective backlinks. The best way to do this is to make content which is engaging, original, and interesting. This type of content will be the sources that other websites will look at it, and then link in their own articles.  

Another good bit of advice is to link to other websites in your own work as then you are networking and reaching out to other sites, increasing their backlinks and increasing your exposure.  

I clicked on Odgers and Bendtson’s site and their top pages and articles had numerous backlinks. Evidently, this is the most effective way to increase your web exposure and gain traffic.